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We specialize in connecting experienced warehouse, factory and private industry workers with your individual needs. Premium has helped over 300 companies in the GTA get the job done, with the right employees

Working with the best

Unlike most employment agencies, Premium offers personalized services by deliberately choosing to work with fewer companies. This leads to quicker response times and effective solutions to meet all your requirements.

Getting Started with Premium Employment Group

Job responsibilities — This includes the duration of the assignment if it’s temporary, skills and training required to perform the job, specific job duties that need to be performed successfully, and any necessary soft skills that will help the individual be successful in your organization..

Requirements for a successful project — Understanding the goals and scope of the project, how many people may be needed to complete it within your goal timeline and the skills needed to successfully complete the project.

Your company culture — Let your staffing manager know of any requirements specific to your organization, such as policies for dress code, hours, breaks and overtime.

Productive partnership

At Premium, we believe in building strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our agency develops an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of your business and keeps the conversation going at all times to prevent pressing issues along the way.

One of our professional representatives will be assigned to your company and will work around the clock to ensure your business needs are being addressed efficaciously.Our team members, including executives, will also be readily available for any additional requirements that need to be fulfilled.

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